“GrandParent’s Hands – California Chapter”

12 December 2016) Through It All virtually launched a GrandParent Support Group (GrandParent’s Hands) on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1181798015260441/).  It is a group of GrandParents joined to create and engage in family activities that will allow us to create healthy and memorable family legacies.  

(22 July 2018) The California Chapter of the GrandParent’s Hands launched their efforts to encourage GrandParents to take time for Self by committing to engage in an Excursion every eight (8) weeks.  They engaged in the following:   

Inaugural ExcursionSunday; 22 July 2018California State Fair
2nd – Sunday; 09 September 2018Catfish/Crawfish Festival
3rd – Saturday; 10 November 2018Pottery Place
4th – GrandDaughter & MeFriday; 28 December 2018American Girl Store
5th – Day in San FranciscoSaturday; 27 April 2019San Francisco
6th – Bowling in RosevilleSaturday; 22 June 2019Strikes Unlimited
1st Year Completed
7th Saturday; 17 August 2019Sacramento River Train
8th – Weekend in Los AngelesFriday; 11 – 13 October 2019Los Angeles, California
Postponed – Holidays & Stay-At-Home Order

Currently, foster youth are given black plastic garbage bags to carry their personal belongings during relocation. TI-ARA is designed to give individuals who are presently or were formerly in the foster care system, a Marmot Long Hauler Medium Travel Duffel Bag. We aim to remove the stigma of shame these youth face when having to carry their personal belongings in garbage bags. 

We want to start by providing these bags to The Young Adult Program youth at Thresholds. 

Thresholds is one of the oldest and largest providers of recovery services for persons with mental illnesses and substance use disorders in Illinois. The Young Adult Program is designed for young adults with mental health needs requiring community residential services or transitional living support.

Each year in August, the 45 enrolled young adults attend a Summer Camp and they have been using the black plastic garbage bags to pack for camp. 

We want to provide all 45 youth with a Marmot Long Hauler Medium Travel Duffel Bag to own and ready for their personal use in August, 2020.

Each bag is $77.35 at Amazon + Shipping/Handling + Tax ($6.96) = $85.00 – $90.00. With your donation, we can provide each Foster care child their very on a bag this year when they attend camp.


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